Top 5 Best Italian Actresses Ever

Italian cinema has given a lot of wonderful actors and actresses. It is also an industry that is known for making some of the timeless and sensible movies that history will always remember. That being the case, here we are going to list the top 5 Italian actresses who will always be a part of the history. With no further delay let us get to the list.
Top 5 Best Italian Actresses Ever

List of the best Italian actresses:

Anna Magnani (1908-1973):

Anna Magnani lived in a time during which the Italy understood the importance of making world cinema and ventured seriously into the film industry. Anna Magnani was a product of the fresh cinema that was made by the Italian filmmakers. She is a recipient of several awards both in the domestic and international platform. The birth details of the place and her origin still remain unknown and different accounts state her origin differently. She is one of the legendary actors of the Italian cinema.

Silvana Mangano (1930-1989):

Silvana Mangano was named as Miss Rome in the year 1946 one of the earliest recipients of beauty pageant award as an actress. Silvana Mangano is also known for her dancing skills. She is a trained dancer and began her career as a model before she got identified as an actress.  Silvana Mangano is from a poor background and said that she witnessed the harsh facts of the World War and its aftermath.

Monica Bellucci (1964 – ):

Named as one among the 100 Sexiest Women in the World in the year 2005, her contributions to the Italian, as well as the global cinema, is tremendous. She was first into the legal profession, but her life took a different turn when she began to work as a model during her college days. She was spotted and was taken into the Italian film fraternity and the rest, as they say, is history. The success that enjoyed as a model made her an acclaimed actress too.

Sophia Loren (1934 – ):

Sophia Loren is a living legend and has seen different facets of the Italian cinema. She has been a great source of inspiration to many of her fellow as well as actresses who followed her. Loren began acting at the tender age of 15, and she is also a wonderful singer. She contested in beauty pageant shows where she was noticed by different filmmakers and that led her to the gates of Italian cinema. Soon she was playing lead roles in a lot of films that gave her a strong career in Hollywood as well. She is also a recipient of various honors and awards.

Isabella Rossellini (1952 – ):

Isabella Rossellini is one of the versatile Italian celebrities of the present Italian film industry. She has been a part of the industry since 1976. She is one of the successful actresses of the world cinema. She is a philanthropist, filmmaker, actor and a model as well. Her successful modeling career paved the way for her success in cinema. Isabella Rossellini was nominated for the Golden Globe Awards and is a recipient of many other awards.