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How to seal your garage door Sealing your garage is a sure way to prevent entry of rodents and insects. It also prevents entry of cold air into the garage, which in turn leads to energy efficiency. The garage door seal is a protective shield against weather elements such as rainwater, wind, and snow. You will also note that a sealed garage is very clean inside. This article will show you some ways that you can seal your garage. 1. Garage bottom seal This a long, rubber or vinyl seal that is placed at the bottom of the garage door. When you close the door, it compresses and seals any spaces. The bottom seal can keep your garage from weather elements, rodents, dust and cold air. 2. Garage threshold seal This seal is attached to the garage floor with an adhesive. It keeps your garage from weather elements, dust, and cold air; the downside is that it makes it very hard to clean your garage. 3. Weatherstrip Seal This is one of the most effective seals as you can deploy them at the bottom, top or the sides. This ensures that your garage is covered from all sides. The weatherstrips will keep your garage from cold air, rainwater, rodents, and dust. Areas to Seal The most vulnerable spaces are the top, bottom and the sides of the garage door. A garage door repair company can also seal your door. You can do this by sealing the bottom with a strip of vinyl or rubber while tacking it with an aluminum track that stretches across the bottom of the door. This will keep off most of the dirt, ice, water, and debris. What are the benefits of having a seal? ” You save on energy bills. A sealed garage door prevents cold air from getting into the garage. ” The seal prevents your garage door from freezing at the bottom. This can cause problems with your opener as it tries to open a stuck garage door. ” Helps to keep away rodents and insects from your garage. ” Makes the doors to the floor even ” The seals are very easy to install, you do not need a mechanic ” The insulated core helps insulate the bottom of the door ” The tab is at the bottom and keeps adjusting to the floor. When to get a garage door seal If you notice the below then it would be time to get yourself a weather seal. ” If you notice water puddles of water around or inside your garage ” If you can feel drafts flowing from your garage door ” When you notice that the metal that is around your garage door has begun to rust. Any of the above signals you to get a weather seal or if you have one it is time to replace it. You should fix the problem before it causes more problems to your garage. Conclusion A weather seal is a great way to protect your garage from weather elements. The benefits of having one are numerous. You will experience energy savings as the seal keeps out cold air.