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Garage doors have been around for quite some time. Modeled after barns in some ways they have roots in the days when we needed to keep a horse or two around the house in order to be sure that our carriages could be hooked up and taken out whenever it was needed. From those humble beginning we have the garage doors you see in nearly every home today. A machine that makes our lives easier and more secure in a lot of different ways is become better and smarter through the years to serve our growing and changing needs. What engineers and designers are thinking about though is what is going to be next? What new innovation will be the thing that everyone wants their garage door to do and how can we accomplish it in an accessible and convenient way?All of these questions are being put to teams and they are continually coming up with answers. Garage door openers are getting smarter and safer. In the beginning there weren’t any safety features, now it is as tough as ever to get yourself injured from a garage door (not that you should still try). Garage doors though are taking a big leap forward these days. With smartphones now pretty much a part of our daily lives for many of us the internet is coming to all sorts of things we never might have thought of before. The internet of everything is starting to become a reality and so garage doors are on their way there. Companies are starting to see the possibilities of smarter homes and automation and are pushing things forward. One of the problems about this is that it probably at least requires a new garage door opener. You may not be in need of any garage door repairs, but if you want the latest coolest gadgets you’ll need to upgrade. This means that adoption of these sorts of things for a big ticket item like a garage door is going to be slow. While people might want a garage door they can close from work or without a garage door remote. Or a garage door that tells them how many cycles it has gone through and when it might need a new garage door repair. All these things are possible and most of them are on the way. The problem is that not everyone is using the same phone, the same car, the same garage door openers. This means there is a lot of intermixing of technologies that may have different standards. Eventually we may be able to have our car sit in our garage until we summon it with our smartphones, the garage door already knowing that it needs to open and close while the car leaves. However, these things may be in development but they’ll take time to be commonplace which is what will hopefully happen. As we grow closer to this point it gets more and more exciting and engineers have to try harder to think what the next next thing is going to be. If you’re interesting in what the next big things might be or what the top of the line garage doors of today are allowing you to do then talk to some people in the industry. You can also do some research on manufacturers websites to see who is doing what.